Artist print prices



We have the following digital print photo sizes available:


Print Size Price
Jumbo Matt/Gloss 10cm x 15cm Hour service – R4.00
Jumbo Gloss 10cm x 15cm Instant service – R7.50
13X18 Matt/Gloss 13cm x 18cm Hour service – R13.00
15X20 Matt/Gloss 15cm x 20cm Hour service – R20.00
20X25 Matt/Gloss 20cm x 25cm Hour service – R28.00
A4 Matt/Gloss 20cm x 30cm Hour Service – R35.00
A4+ Matt/Gloss 25cm x 35cm Hour service – R65.00
A3 Gloss 30cm x 40cm Hour service – R90.00
A2 40cm x 60cm Hour service – R200.00
A1 60cm x 90cm Hour service – R320.00
A0 84cm x 112cm Hour service – R550.00

We supply canvas prints in the following formats:

Print only: This is the canvas cloth printed only.

Blocked: This is a canvas print that is set on a solid backing which can be hanged on a wall.

Stretched: The printed canvas is stretched over a hollow frame which can be hanged on a wall.

Framed: The canvas print can be blocked or stretched and framed in a similar way to a photo.

We have the following digital print canvas sizes available:


Print Size Price
A4 20cm x 30cm Print only (hour service) R150.00
A4 Blocked 20cm x 30cm R250.00 (Includes print)
A4 Stretched 20cm x 30cm R399.00 (Includes print)
A3 30cm x 40cm Print only (hour service) R225.00
A3 Blocked 30cm x 40cm R345.00 (Includes print)
A3 Stretched 30cm x 40cm R499.00 (Includes print)
A2 40cm x 60cm Print only (hour service) R320.00
A2 Blocked 40cm x 60cm R470.00 (Includes print)
A2 Stretched 40cm x 60cm R680.00 (Includes print)
A1 60cm x 90cm Print only (hour service) R440.00
A1 Blocked 60cm x 90cm R640.00 (Includes print)
A1 Stretched 48cm x 78cm R845.00 (Includes print)
A0 84cm x 119cm Print only (hour service) R750.00
A0 Blocked 84cm x 112cm R950.00 (Includes print)
A0 Stretched 72cm x 100cm R1150.00 (Includes print)

Contact us for custom print sizes.