Printed Mugs




Mugs are printed within 90 minutes on our premises. Clients can choose a photo or wording or a combination of both to print on any mug.

Prices vary from R75 for a plastic mug, printed to R189 for a printed gold trim German mug.

Colour changing mugs changes colour when hot water is added to display your picture or words.

Available in black, purple and navy.

 Colour changing Black
Coloured inner mugs available in pink, red, black, green, light blue, navy blue and orange.  innercolormugs9810808208
Gold coloured mug.  gold-sublimation-10oz-blank-mug
Silver coloured mug.  silver-sublimation-10oz-blank-mug-800x800
Plastic travel mug.  plastic-travel-mug-800x800
Stainless steel travel mug.  14oz-Stainless-Steel-Travel-Mug-Silver
Frosted beer mug.  frosted bear mug
Dishwasher safe mug can be washed in a dishwasher.  White Dishwasher Safe Mug
White handwash mug. Only wash by hand to ensure the print lasts longer.  White handwash mug
Love mug with a heart handle.  Mug-heart-love
Lovers mugs.  Lovers Mug 2 in 1
Gold trim German beer mug  german
Plastic white mug  plastic mug